How it all started.

Christian Lass with a watchmaker tool

I started watchmaking in 2002 after reading the book “Watchmaking” by George Daniels , this book talked straight to my heart. It was all I had dreamed about. Using my hands for creating various things and using my head to grasp complex concepts is something I have always loved. The book explains how to build watches from scratch, the engineering and the level of perfection within the craft are astonishing. So I started in the school of watchmaking later that summer, soon to discover that what I was being taught had nothing to do with making watches. It was taught how to service watches and changing worn out parts. But I was very fortunate to get an apprenticeship in Atelier Andersen, one of the best workshops for restoration of antique clocks and watches. This place gave me the appetite for learning everything there was to know about watchmaking. After my apprenticeship I dedicated my time to further studies within the profession. I travelled to Switzerland where I got to work for Vianney Halter, one of the greatest masters of contemporary watchmaking. I spend 4 years in his workshop, and there I learned what I set out to do from the beginning:

My knowledge of restoration and my ability to build watches from scratch was later a good match when the Patek Philippe Museum in 2009 searched for a watchmaker/restorator to take care of the museum’s collection. I have since then restored a vast variety of watches from the best makers during the last 500 years.

Today I want to share my knowledge, and let you get the insides of this wonderful and exciting craft.

Haarby, Denmark

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