Vintage Chronograph Course !

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In the Vintage Chronograph Course ©, we will go through a watch with a Valjoux 23 chronograph caliber with an extra calendar and hour counter, this model known as the Valjoux 72c.

The Valjoux movement shown in this course is from the 1950’s and it is the grandfather of all modern chronograph movements.

Since it first time appeared in the early 1920 it has been use by many major brands such as Heuer, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin among many other.

Most chronographs use the same basic mechanism but with slight variations which we will go through as well. Therefore you will be able to apply what you will learn in this course,to chronographs made by other manufactures such as Venus, lemania, landeron etc.       

The Vintage Chronograph course is for watchmakers and students who have already mastered the skills required to work on simple watches.  It will introduce the student to the next level where he/she will begin to work with complicated watches such as chronograph and complicated calendar mechanism.   

These sort of mechanism requires a whole new skill set in order to succeed with them. There are many pitfalls to avoid when working with them. Those pitfalls can easily be avoided by using the right technics and guidance. We will go step by step through this complicated watch and you as a student or collector will get a rare insight into the world of complicated watches.

We do however not recommend this course if you are completely new to watchmaking.  please see our Watchmaking 101 course. Here we can teach you the basic skills so you can have fun with watchmaking as well.