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Student making 3/4 bridge in the Burin-Fixe.

1: Using Vintage Tools.


Using the vintage tools and machinery is a rare and almost a lost skill for most watchmaker. The upright tool is a almost unknown tool today, in the past this was an essential tool among many others that enabled watchmakers to build watches directly at their benches without the need of big machinery used today. Simple techniques combined with these enginous tools offered the watchmaker all he needed to build and produce even the most complicated watches.  

Below is a good example of what can be achieve by using these simple techniques. The watch below is a ETA6497 where we have build a new set of bridges. Changed the balance for a vintage bimetallic screw balance with a Breguet hairspring . The balance bridge is engraved and gold plated and the 3/4 gear train bridge is covered in Geneva stripes radienting from the center of the balance. 





We have the machinery and know how in order to teach almost any subject within watchmaking.

  • Do the 101 course in our workshop.
  • Making wheels and pinions
  • Prototyping. Building a watch movements from scratch. 
  • CNC work. G-code programming.
  • Restoration and conservation work. 
  • And much more….

If you have any particular thing you want to learn, then send us a mail and let us see what we can do. 


  • 1 day 9h-18h               350chf/person (1-4 Students)
  • 1 week (Mon-Fri)     1250chf/person (1-4 Students)

Courses are made on demand by contacting us.

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