Watchmaking Starter Kit !

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Starter kit for you to enter into the World of Watchmaking..               .

Bergeon B30081-060-120-160: Top quality Swiss Screwdrivers for ETA 6497/98 and others

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Bergeon B4422 Eyeglass 3x magnification

$12.95 Ex. VAT

Bergeon 30097-BC Parts tray with dust cover

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Horotec 12.302-3 Antimagnetic All-Purpose Tweezer

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Bergeon B4040 Movement Holder for Wrist Watches

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Bergeon 5394P Case Cushion 53mm

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Bergeon 5461 Loupe Holding Headspring

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Horotec 05.007 Hand removing tools for wrist watches.

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Augusta 5966 Hand Setting Tools Complete Set

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Bergeon B4657 Dust Blower

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Elder Pith Ref.9010

$6.95 Ex. VAT

Pegwood Thin 9100

$7.95 Ex. VAT

Bergeon Rodico 6033

$6.50 Ex. VAT

Bergeon 4932 Watch Case Opening Knife Fixed Blade

$23.50 Ex. VAT

Augusta 4908.30 Case Opener

$24.95 Ex. VAT

Parnis Pilot Watch ST3600. This product is – optional

Parnis Pilot Watch ST3600

Training Movement ST3600. This product is – optional

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Eye loupe for glasses - This product is – optional

Bergeon 7913 Eye Loupe for watchmakers with glasses, this loupe attaches to your eyeglasses with a clip and can be flipped up when you are not using it.

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This is our "Watchmaking Start Kit", one of our most popular product. In this kit you get the tools for the the 101 course.

The tools that come with this course are the best quality swiss tools used by professional watchmakers all over the world. We have chosen these tools in order to get you the best start on your adventure into the world of watchmaking. The importance of having the right tools to begin with is absolutely essential for a good learning experience.

We do show several other professional tools during the course which is not included in this kit. This includes cleaning and timing machines used by professional watchmakers costing several thousand dollars. We will show how to clean and time your watch without the use of these expensive tools.

The " Learn Watchmaking 101" Course  will teach you watchmaking step by step with video lessons that are easy to follow. 

The course is over 5 hours long. It contains a load of information that will teach you in detail every aspect of basic watchmaking and build you a solid foundation that will serve you for years to come.

Please look at the reviews to see what the previous student have to say about the course.

The "Starter kit" does not include the materiels needed for the oiling procedure shown in the course. 

We have done this in order to make it affordable for most people. The "Oil Kit" is not essential in the beginning. 

If you would like to include the necessary oil and materials then add the product below.