Watchmakers Oil Kit !

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Oil Kit.







Bergeon 6897 Oilers

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Moebius B5900-D5 Microgliss Oil D5

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Moebius 9010: Fine escapement oil for wrist watches.

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Moebius 941 Pallet Oil for wrist watches

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Elder Pith Ref.9010

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Bergeon B30180A Oil Stand: This product is

Bergeon B30180A Oil Stand

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Everything you need in order to lubricate 90% of all watches. These oils are used by the Swiss watchmaking industry to lubricated most of their watches. With this kit you will have enough oil to lubricate up to 500 watches.

Moebius 9010 is an special oil design to lubricate the delicate parts in the escapement. This oil is temperatur stabil which insures the watch to perform perfectly under any condition.

Moebius 941  is a oil design to be used under the intense conditions at the palletfork. The oil have a very low oxidation rate that insures the oil to stay intact over long time. Thereby the watch have the optimal condition to keep its performance over a extended periode of time.

Moebius D5 is a high viscosity universal oil used for high load applications like the setting system and main barring of the barrel and the first part of the gear train.

Bergeon 620 is used for the canon pinion and other high friction points. This product replace "Jismaa" shown in the courses.



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