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In this course we will go through a watch with a Valjoux 23 chronograph caliber with an extra calendar and hour counter, this model known as the Valjoux 72c.

The Valjoux movement shown in this course is from the 1950’s and it is the grandfather of all modern chronograph movements.

Since it first time appeared in the early 1920 it has been use by many major brands such as Heuer, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin among many other.

Most chronographs use the same basic mechanism but with slight variations which we will go through as well. Therefore you will be able to apply what you will learn in this course,to chronographs made by other manufactures such as Venus, lemania, landeron etc.       

The Vintage Chronograph course is for watchmakers and students who have already mastered the skills required to work on simple watches.  It will introduce the student to the next level where he/she will begin to work with complicated watches such as chronograph and complicated calendar mechanism.   

These sort of mechanism requires a whole new skill set in order to succeed with them. There are many pitfalls to avoid when working with them. Those pitfalls can easily be avoided by using the right technics and guidance. We will go step by step through this complicated watch and you as a student or collector will get a rare insight into the world of complicated watches.

We do however not recommend this course if you are completely new to watchmaking.  Please see our Watchmaking 101 course. Here we can teach you the basic skills so you can have fun with watchmaking as well.

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13 reviews for Vintage Chronograph Course !

  1. James More

    Yet another amazing course from Christian. This course is straight to the point without to much fuzz. Christian explains in simple terms how to repair chronographs and show so many things where you could have made a costly mistakes if you haven’t known better.


  2. Daniel Adams

    I have been a professional watchmaker since 15 years and I have never learn so much about chronographs before as I have in this course. We wasn’t taught anything at this level in watchmaking school. The course is very well made and very detailed without getting boring to listen to. The teacher is really an expert in his field. This course is simply amazing and worth every cent.

  3. Gregor Richard

    I am a watchmaker working part time in my own workshop. I mostly work with vintage watches. I have worked with chronographs, (mostly 7750, Landeron, Omega and a couple of El Primeros) and my intension with this course was to pick up some new tips/techniques. Actually, D. Adams review above (being a watchmaker like me), made me think that this was a right thing to do. And I am certainly not dissapointed. Even if I do understand the basics of the different movements, and can dissasemble-assemble them, I learned new and better tecniques to do so. I even ordered a new tool right away ,after hearing that the one I use can sometimes ruin the part it is ment to be used on. The “extras” section, on for instance how to polish parts and WHY, was also what I was looking for. I would say that just for dissasembly-assembly tutorials, You CAN learn this from a (very) few good ones on YouTube, but this course is unique when it comes to explain some wery important steps on the way to success. I have two landeron movements here now, and one of them certainly needs a part polished. Before this course, I would just have believed that the part was destroyed and used my energy on trying to source a new one. Now I will try to repair it instead. Great course.

  4. markdh2007

    Comprehensive, easy to follow, very informative, but most of all, good fun. Christian is an excellent teacher with a natural talent for simplifying complex matters. This makes the subject easy to follow for hobby watch repairers like myself. As my experience in the subject has grown, I’ve also come to appreciate the depth of information, and the wealth of practical experience Christian provides in this course. Overall, this is an excellent course that is well worth the cost. If you are interested in chronograph watches, I highly recommend it!

  5. Marius Simson

    As a part time watchmaker, this is the course is just what I need to understand how to repair chronograph for my clients.

    This course is clear and engaging and taught by a knowledgeable instructor. If you need to understand chronographs, this is a great place to start.

  6. Linus Miller

    Its really excellent and very simple to understand these complex mechanisms, author is able to communicate and teach very well.

  7. Francois Jaccard

    This course was excactly what I have being looking for.

    I have been a watchmaker for many years and chronographs have allways been difficult for me, specially when there is something wrong and they don’t work anymore. Christian is extremely gifted in explaining the complex mecansimes in a way that makes it easy to understand, this is first time I have found that. Most watchmaking course I have done makes it all look very difficult and it can only be done by special people. After following this course I have gain the knowledge on how to adjust and troubleshoot these complex watches with ease. This course have taken my job as watchmaker to a whole new level.

    Thanks for this amazing course…..

  8. Lucas Dosky

    5 big shinny stars…

    Can only agree with the great reviews above.

  9. Thomas

    As a colector I was invited by Patek Philippe to their Grand Exposition in New York 2017. There I saw Mr.Lass explaining the functions of a 1920’s minute repeater in a way I have never seen before. He have a rare talent for teaching. An amateur makes the simple complex and a great master like Mr.Lass breaks the complex down in simple understandable pieces. I bought this course in order to understand my vintage Patek chronographs better and I was not disappointed. This course is a true gem explaining in details the function of these great mechanism. I will never become a watchmaker but I have greatly enjoyed this course which have made me able to appreciate my chronographs and the work of a watchmaker even more.

    Bravo, well done !

  10. Daniel Schwartz

    The teacher clearly has a great knowledge about watchmaking and delivers it with joy in a way that is easy to understand. I started as a total beginner and now that I’m halfway through I can feel the progress. I love it.

  11. Benjamin Plyer

    Terrific course. Christian is a first class presenter, I found his confidence and honesty encouraging. . I now have of course lots to practice and study and will be returning to these lectures to top up and correct as I go. 100% recommended.

  12. diver-and-dresser

    Absolutely great in every perspective (knowledge, techniques….his art of teaching)
    my Recommendation

  13. Reinaldo Ellin

    Well I just finished the course and is amazing. I want to specialize in vintage chronos because I think they beautiful machines. I have 4 different chronos already, to work on. I will watch the whole course again. People almost everything you see in youtube is junk. I hope the second part of the master class is available soon. Thanks to Christian, your love for.the craft of watchmaking comes through on all the courses.

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